Battery storage

Why battery storage?

Battery storage is a critical enabler of the clean energy transition, helping to cost-effectively integrate renewable energy at scale while providing vital flexibility to increase the resilience and reliability of electricity systems globally.

By capturing and storing surplus energy from the wind and sun and releasing it back to the grid at times when there is a shortfall in supply or peak in demand,  batteries can ‘time shift’ the delivery of clean, dispatchable power and ensure safe, secure, reliable energy supplies.

Thanks to sub-second response times, batteries also offer multiple additional grid services which help manage and balance the grid. That’s why some 650 GW of battery storage is expected to be deployed globally by 2030.

What is a battery?

Our approach

Eku Energy is a specialist energy storage business established to meet the growing need for utility-scale battery storage worldwide. Our exclusive focus on battery storage and its applications makes us a trusted partner. We bring a global mindset and understanding, coupled with deep technical and commercial knowledge and local market expertise, to cost-effectively deliver battery storage solutions that maximise the benefits to our partners and energy end users.

Our absolute priority is creating a safe working environment. We proactively manage our operations to achieve zero harm to our people, assets, and the communities in which we operate.

Global projects

Our global portfolio of large-scale battery storage projects aims to provide vital grid services in key markets around the world.